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7 Mistakes To Steer Clear Of When Upsizing Your Home

Have you ask anyone about their dream home, Obviously the answer are usually involves with a grandiose idea. In addition, nowadays everybody wants to live in a big house. For now dream is not an only dream for people who starting to realize that they need to take an extra step to steer clear of when up-sizing their home.

For people who already own a home and want a larger size, the idea is always achievable. With the rejuvenating housing market after a long recession, it’s time to invest in your home improvement. For now according to a recent report on retail house for sales in Selangor by Property Guru shows an increase rate of 10% in the requested price. When it comes to increasing the size of the home, this means that your resale value rises by the same percentage if you get it right.

Statistics show that, most sellers make one mistake in every deal of sale. But do you know, each of the following mistakes can be avoided to think about improvement, because you need to have maximum equity if you are thinking of putting your home for sale. 

7 Mistakes To Steer Clear Of When Upsizing Your Home

  • Ignoring long-term factors

When you get a raise. There are some unplanned revenue increases previously and you want to find a way to use them. However, you need to think about the debt you will take and do not forget about mortgage payments, which will increase after this.

While large cash flows can be seen, with high spending rates and this can undermine your deposit retirement arrangements. You do not need to be financially comfortable enough to be at an uncomfortable zone level.

  • Avoiding the issue of costs

Before you make a transaction, you need to think about stamp duty, agent commission, attorney’s fees, renovation costs, furniture costs and even endless listings. This is an important thing you need to think about increasing the size of a larger home. Do you have cash to compensate for all the costs that come with the process? It is best to go ahead with any transaction, you can survey the things you need to know, to get the best saving measures. Besides avoiding the higher cost of debt.

  • Excessive spending 

It can be seen before doing something to the house, the things need to be taken into consideration, try to do a checklist of what is needed and not needed before you work with the interior design team to make the most of your new space. But when all the renovation works are completed successfully, for a few weeks later you will be wondering whether it is necessary or not, and sometimes you will feel unnecessary things can be harmful to yourself.

  • Abandoning your old house

Before moving to new home, you need to realize that your old house needs to be in good condition and clean. It’s important to think before moving on to a larger home. Whether you want to sell the house or rent the house to a new owner . And when the house is in good shape, it can attract buyers or rent in your old home


  • Missing out on a pre-approved mortgage

Pre-approvals for housing purchases are becoming easier with which homeowners can benefit from it. It makes the buying and selling process faster than before. Many homeowners overlook this process by chance, there is no problem for you. There is no obligation or cost to which it applies but it helps for larger home financing. In addition, you have the support of financial institutions about your housing financing.

Sellers need to gain confidence in buyers who have approved pre approved mortgages although the offer is not the highest. Given that in other businesses, the seller will choose the buyer on a more confidential agreement and have the financial strengths written on it.

  • Impulse decisions will cost you

As you move out, the rental rates will rise, so you have to make sure to make the right decision, whether you intend to stay in a new place for a while. Is the house suitable for you and your family? Parents’ mistakes can be seen when you move away because of schoolchildren, and after a few years it is no longer a reason.

  • Ignoring the help of professionals when selling your home

Most people stay away from agents because they are afraid to be deceived. In both cases, the most common result involves the lost seller. Indeed, there are irresponsible people out there, but you have to put your trust in those who are professionally and reputable. However, the bigger problem is that most difficulties are invisible and only become clear when the damage is done.

Hopefully the tips can help you in buying and selling homes without any suspicion. And you can also have your dream house . Before buying a new house or anything please make a difference and ask an expert opinion. The better website i want to share is PropertyGuru so many answer you can get for the website. 


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  1. Macs says:

    I believe their is always a PLAN for everything. Upsizing a home could be great as well. And I understand your concern with regards to monetary aspect.

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